little swan,

life will come and go,

Don't bother sticking to what you know

Please, please go with the flow.

Follow your heart.


Mr.Swan, don't you know?

All the faces will come and go

         – so this is it.

A swansong for You and me


Devoted to the things that were and will never be

A swansong for hellos to new places

goodbyes to old faces –

You will be missed.


...this is odd

You were much older than i, yet here we are

standing stock still in the silence of solitude

me lecturing You as if i had anything to teach.


it was worth a try

after gaining knowledge

,the kind that one never knows they need,

returning the favor seemed polite.

After all, Your knowledge was one sided sadness, slumped in the middle of sanctioned time with one another,

secrets spilling as if they knew no bounds-

                            no boundaries

Your knowledge was sweet slick, slippery on the tongue, so saccharine that one had to hold on with both hands just to try to understand


Power poetry poured from Your soul, teaching teachings that taunted those with less of a soul


Even now, in the death of Your mentorship, Your lead


i do not blame.


Greater things call Your name, tempt You to places untouched by such a gentle giant


i knew-

You were bigger than the cage of such a sleepy town, barely anyone awake, barely anyone paying attention to the state of things.


You woke me in the middle of the day. Your teachings kept me awake in the night.


A Swan Song, haunting and daunting as the hills called for You.

Called for all the things You knew,


i do not blame the hills, for they only reached out to someone willing to teach.

i pray they are willing to learn as i have.  


Teacher Swan.

Don’t You know?

i thank you for teaching that life will come and go,

i thank you for teaching to not stick to what i know,

For teaching how everything flows.


i thank you for teaching how to follow my heart,

To guard my mind, those with less knowledge will be waiting to tear me a- part.


Knowledgeable Swan.

Thank you.


even in the midst of a swansong for you and me.


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