Cycle through please.

Joyous, angry tears

boom down the face

of the last one whom I once loved


A branch is snapped

perhaps it is her final sensitive nerve

Cycle through

I won't touch the subject

she misses me? I think no

Why does she still send salty

liquid hurricanes


the cheeks I once caressed

happiness in the air?



but with all my relief

comes the expense of

someone else.

Cycle though to the next slide please.

I am too stuck on this one.

No, what's worse is that the next slide

resembles the first far too much

I'm caught. 

Cycle through

Cycle through!

Someone please, cycle through

I grow weary of this slide

I am not going anywhere, 

but I feel like I'm about to.

Palpable solid tension

sliced like a block of cheese

Waiting for the next slide

Waiting for the next cycle.


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