Cycle of Life

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 23:12 -- km11099

The little girl who smiles
as she skips to the store,
you see her so happy, so sweet;
But little do you know today shes happy
because its the first time in weeks she hasn't been beat.

Humanity given all its power, but shes never seen the good
Only torture and pain and it's all understood.
Grown up to learn shes the basis of their problems;
She doesn't know another way
Growing up with the weight of the world on the shoulders
Is enough to make her cry.

But grow up she must,
so she learns to be tough
Always fakes a smile;
and the pain goes away for just a little while

She tells herself she'd never treat her kids that way
But little does she know the smiles slowly gives way
And cracks onto her children.
She tried her best, but bitter resentment gets her best.
And it's never her fault for
She doesn't know any other way.

And so the cycle begins again...


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