The Cycle of Immortals (two voice poem) #Speak your mind scholarship slam


strategies of pain in the lines

beholding the twist and the turns

things never seem as they should


Bring me the laughter Bring me the pain


hold me accountable for my screams

never let the devil out of its shell,

where is reality?


Give me a dream Give me a nightmare

I want to be confused

wrapped in a paradise of lies uncontrollably


show me things that will make me cry,

images in the darkness of shut eyes

show me bright scary lights.

Stuck in a hell hole that was never cried for

drained into a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow



It hurts in this reality of darkness

nobody wants to be here

why didn’t we switch places?

I think we’ve couldve been better switched around

Its so much bright here, why didn’t they shut off the lights?


I miss him so much I miss her so much

They caught in in a good spot

i give them that

they knew my weakness

I prey off of theirs

revenge is my only solace

Why did they have to do this?

i know it was bad but we we’re together

good together good together

but then they came over and f!@#$ everything up

I did it for him I did it for her


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