Cycle of Everlasting Revenge


United States
47° 6' 50.0976" N, 122° 46' 15.1788" W

Many generations ago on our very world
A man of the caves picked up a rock.
He struck it to his neighbor's head.
Killing him with the shock

This event is told in many ways
Some may know them by Kane and Able
The day man killed man
Hence did it create the cycling turmoil

As history ran its new course
This cycle spread far and wide.
An ideology that has desires for revenge
For their comrades who have fought and died.

One man dies in the hands of another
His brothers, his father, and his friends enraged
They took up arms to strike back
Thus repeat a similar phase

Their enemies fall to their graves
But their families are as well watching by the side
They are too determined for vengeance.
Thus giving the cycle its place to reside.

Many people work hard to stop such madness
To step in then cycles path to prevail
But this cycle seems too large and wide of its power
That possibly God himself has failed

We are cursed with the cycle of violence
The cycle of revenging strive
The sad theory is that may never end
The only best solution is to survive.


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