The cycle continues


No one is perfect, be the best you can be

That's what we are told, and that is what we believe 

Walk the halls, feel the nefarious stares buring through what i thought was a back bone

Keep walking, Looking down at the floor..bump into someone "Stay away from me you're so disgusting" 

Keep throwing stones.

We are told that we are all the same on the inside 

But is it true? It has to be, we were told by our guides.

Why is it that people have that disease?

To open thier mouths and be so mean

Get home look in the mirror 

Stare. What's wrong with me. It's not getting any clearer.

Am i fat..or too my hair too Red or am i too tall

Maybe It'll help if I lean against the wall.

The wall. Thats where i am...My back is turned against the wall 

Maybe If i get a new outfit or new hair do

I'll be cool like the cool crew

Next Day "Ewww why are you next to me get away before I barf"

Run to the bathroom and cry. 

Ask yourself why.

Go home. 

Sit against the wall.

I am who i am?

I am the best i can be..

so why is it that I can't be set free

Free from this void that fills my heart

Free from the people who torment me on a daily basis

Look around my room. I dont see any faces.

So sharp and shiny...maybe this can help since nothing else can

Maybe i can use this and someone will be my facebook fan....





Guide that inspired this poem: 


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