The Cycle



Abruptness swept me off of my feet,

Barricaded by the confusion to which engulfs me whole,

Chaos surrounding me and

Deep within me,

Empty and yet full of self hated,

Fabricated lies eating away at me, one by one.

Gone in an instant.

How can thing change so quick?


I’m as broken as heart who’s love has left them,

Just trying to piece together my thoughts,

Killing me,

Loathing myself,

Merely understanding why,

Nothing in life is permanent.

Others in life leave,

Promises, why are they purely temporary?


Querying to why I let myself become attached.

Reality is - what reality was.

Slowly the cycle of pain to which reoccurs.

Time that is filled topped with momentary happiness

Undoes itself in a moment.

Vicious isolation reappears.

When will I be good enough?

Xenos, a stranger.

You’re only that now. 


And now the cycle restarts. 



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