Wed, 12/18/2013 - 00:03 -- Landen


“They r just (w)ordz.”

Tell that to the suicidal kids

Taking it everyday, silent

Letters (o)n a screen, never quite heard

Yet stings of fag and slut ringing in the head

An upturned smile hiding the t(r)uth

Bloodied day to day, school was fine mom

Numb. A whole (d)ifferent world, stranger to the aged

World of wonder, yet of hidden pain

Hiding from hope and action

They (s)ee nothing, the adults

Oblivious to the words, the hate

“They r just wordz.”

Tell that to the dead (k)ids

Forever sleeping in the dark

Because you put them there

With letters connected to form the f(i)re

That burned the mind of their innocence

Hanging with no thought of va(l)ue, desensitized

They said it was fine, everything okay

Believe the pain in the eyes, not the spoken words

Searching for a (l)oving heart, a loving word

In the room, hoping with every last drop

On the crumpled tissue, things will get better…

R these just wordz 2, or do they actually mean enough

For you to go do something about them.


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