Cyber. Space


as the leaves turn to orange and the sky turns pink,

the world begins to quiet.  to silence the calm whistles in the wind. 

your cold breathe in the brisk fall air, calling to me.

a hymn to my ears that eases the tensity in my my head,

i made a home in your arms, a pillow in your chest.

releasing the negativity in which i inhale,

you made a shelter for me to escape to

when the world got dark, and the light was to distracting to reach.

time is a figment of the imagination of those who never experienced what

we have. 

the clocks continued to turn, but with us time stood still. 

and in the brisk fall air, when the leaves turn to orange and the sky transforms to pink,

i see a faint distance image,

of the kisses we exchanged inside the dreams i never spoke of.

the ones that stayed close to home,

the ones i dreamed every night.

when the faint i love you was said,

and the kisses were blown.

through a screen that held us apart, but kept us close together.

the home inside my own in which i made with you.

is what i live for,

it’s you.


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