Fri, 09/13/2013 - 07:48 -- Monro11



So does the blood that drips after the skin that splits ever look at you and say your beautiful.  Does the life you drain away wave back at you smiling. Does it leave a number saying it'll all be ok someday.   Wake up you bastard Your life may be a disaster but your the head master.  Cuts are just steps to you just fading away.   From this world we ALL have to be in.   The tears you feel say so much and they fall down hard.  But tell me what the hell can millions of scars do for you.   The world is large and 7 billion plus.  Think we don't share this feeling. Think YOUR only one  Who's must be a target for everyone else's pleasure to see their life be slashed away.  That's not what helps us This world is ugly and no one here care to help any of us Wearing all shades of black and hating the people you see.  Where they pick on you or leave you feeling weak.  To hell with them. No in fact  send them to somewhere worse.  At the end of the day who tucks you in for slumber.  Yeah that's YOU And damn it YOU always come first  don't wait for your hero to break through the shell you leave yourself in.  It's a war everyday and you should be the only one your saving.    You want a ghost haunting the people who hurt you first  Or the hellish nightmare for the friends who loved you either way.  Your dying thought turns into our curse.  Our guilts will stack much higher than yours.  Our lives will hurt so much more.   Ill cry Much more than you ever could  Cause if your not there anymore than imagine what hell we'll have. Yeah much worse.  You were physical  Your memories are far more beautiful to people you meet and see and feel everyday.  And there forever and they'll never go away.   What happens to you is unjust and we can understand but leaving a dead body in everyone's hands  Is evil.  Don't be scared to ask for a helping hand.  You won't need to cry anymore tears. We'll all take a share until that last tear drops and a smile is clear.   Just hang on.  



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