There is a great deal of depression 
in a life of pain; 
oh, how this body aches 
I know no body truly knows me 
if they did would it mean anything
Dark Angel has overtaken me,

my soul longs for the day he lets me go, 
all he wants is full control over me 
oh, how he cuts deep at my mind 
just to see my heart bleed most of the time, 
his words are like an old sad love song 
that never stops playing 
my mind is filed with deep thoughts 
my heart feels its loss,

the tears I cry is like a flood 
that never ends deep within, 
I was too young

to understand the ways of sin 
My life was never right in my mother's eyes 
No matter how hard I ever try 
all she seen was the dark side of me 
she called me her black seed,

I was only two when I started crying out 
for those painful words to end 
as I got older 
the pains had grown stronger 
I would get down on my knees 
Please make the hurt stop 
but they never did,

I would cry deep in the night 
asking why did my own mother 
did not love me; 
why did my father leave me like this? 
holding his big old mess 
he just walked away

without a word of goodbyes 
their ware no words

no words to ease my pains 
every day this old pain

 has given me so much rain, 


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980


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