Dear friend,

I see you

From afar

With a dull expression

Carved on your face


You seem

Depressed somehow.

Your heart

That you wore on your sleeve

It’s been ripped.

Ripped by

Your family

Your friends

Your school

And anything

That has the potential

To hurt you,


But hear me out-

Cutting yourself

Deeper than they have

Isn’t going

To ease the pain

Or heal the wound

You think

That the pain

You get

From being down

And hard

On yourself

Makes you alive-

And maybe you’re right.

But do you always

Want to be on edge

On the brink

Of that pain?

Be alive!

But don't hurt because of it.

My friend,

I can’t tell you

That it’ll get better.

Your friends

Will still abuse

Your parents

Won’t approve

And school

Just won't come through.

But im here for you.

And if you open your eyes,

Your swollen eyes

Just a crack

You’ll see

That your

Alleged enemies

Really are

On your side

And they care

About you

And just want you

To stop hurting



Love, a fellow survivor





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