Curtain of Silence

Sometimes I'm quiet

When I don't want to be

Sometimes I say yes

When I don't agree


And I want to be open

To say what's on my mind

But  it's hard to do so

All of the time


Sometimes what I think

Is not who I portray

Listening and polite

Someone who obeys


And I want to be bold

Be daring, be brave

Say "no" to those

Who are older by age


Is this a  smokescreen

Or good conduct

Am I learning to be respectful

Or just not being tough


I want to speak now

To not be well behaved

To speak my own mind

But can I bear their pain?


I don't hide behind my curtain

Because I'm scared for myself

I hide because what if

Coming out doesn't help


My curtain of silence

 I want it to fall

But wil I break relationships

Once and for all?







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