The Curtain: Interior & Exterior

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 00:56 -- Doms


No one knows about what goes on behind the curtain

The struggle to keep all the robes un-tangled

And every object nice and in its place

What it takes to make the show go on

The interior is a mess And filled with stress

My inner perfectionist Expectations, complications,

Filled with over exaggerations yelling and crying

Mood swings un-expectantly

The pressure building

Anger rising Happiness subsiding

Making my thoughts so un-deciding

The mysterious inequality between what should be said

And what needs to be said


The exterior I laugh I joke I cope

Tolerate people who try to shove things

Down my throat I dress to express concepts

I don’t have courage to confess

To provide something other than my misleading meekness

Tall and slim

My light shine is dim

With friends, they see a sliver of what's within

"I'm ok." is fine

Who likes those wine?

Is it a crime?

To hide things for the sake of someone else's time?

Not one style, not one culture, not one opinion, not one speech

But has anyone tried to breach

The wall of which are my secret

I keep Is someone from the audience a bit curious?

Has anyone caught my hint of mysterious?



They all seem to be pretty contempt


But (there is always a but)

At the end of every performance there is an applause

And the revealing of the crew

And you see what you have never knew


So I wait Wait for my Interior and exterior to be one


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