The Curtain of Insecurity

In this day and age,

it can be hard to take center stage.

For the audience will criticize

until you want to run and hide.

They'll laugh at you.

They'll say terrible things too.

All of these voices

cut deep even if they are "just noises."

So why can I not pull pack the curtain?

Because it might lead to hurting.

Because I am scared of falling;

the whole world might see me cralling.

The curtain of insecurity is in the way,

but for me, it's here to stay.

I might call it shyness, but it's really fear,

and it will never go away, it's always here.

What if I were to let everyone see

my true self, the way it was meant to be?

I might would try and see

if there was no curtain of insecurity.





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