Curtain of Hair


Curtain of Hair
Anna R Lopez 
As a young girl I never truly believed I had beautiful hair, never believed I was beautiful at all.
Every day  I looked into the mirror I always saw an unruly, dry, frizzy mess on my head. 
I prayed and prayed for the soft silkiness most girls my age had.
I desperately wanted straight hair over the curly mop I was cursed with. 
Every time I combed out my hair I desperately wanted the simple, the effortless, the easily ignored, that plain straight hair. 
I desperately craved the popularity, the beauty, and the confidence that seemed to come natural to those girls. 
I fiercely wanted to fit in and be part of the popular click. 
Then came the day I realized that I will never fit in with that group of snobbish, insipid girls. 
That day I matured past the petty insults and verbal abuse. 
I began to mature into the young woman I will one day become, a woman who can finally accept the mess on her head as a beautiful, wild, and temperamental mane meant to be styled and tamed by a exceptional female. 
That female will be me. 
I will show every one behind the mass of curly hair I used as shield against those whose words were disguised as arrows aimed at my feelings. 
I hid behind the curtain of unruly curls to prevent more damage being inflicted. 
I no longer hide nor hold back my potential to be a wonderful, outstanding, courageous, and brilliant person that I can possibly become. 
I raise my head high and with pride so any and all can see, knowing that with my curly hair I will always draw attention. 
Now that I am older I find that many are as envious now of my tight dark curls as I was covetous of their straight hair years ago.
 Such lovely irony. 


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