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At first I was curtain-free

Then the bad witch came to me

"Curtain-free, you will no longer be!"

Oh dear, oh my what happened to me?


Black and white

No ruby shoes in sight

Longing for Glinda's light

For the flying monkeys are taking flight!


Where is the Wizard of Oz?

The Emerald City is lost

What do I do without a cause?

Hiding behind a curtain will get you no applause


How do you become you again?

How do you write without a pen?

How do you make the bullying end?

How can you trust a friend?


Make a window or a door

Show them what was before

Or show them more

Give them something to adore


Don't let the flying monkeys bring you down

Ride the tornado round and round

Make a courageous, heartful, smart, human sound

And your Kansas will be found!





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