cursed in black

when will the injustice end

other ethnicities consider themselves coupled with or a part of the African American minority, but with my afro centric features darker skin, thick lips, and nappy hair there is no fan base, club, fraturnity, or sorority

this does not minimize anyone elses struggle, plight, or fight, but only an African American can understand our unique experience from an African American hindsight

some may argue that I personally was not kidnapped and forced to be a slave, but why do i hear my ancestors cry from some of their watery and unmarked graves "No, no not in the 2000's my children are still the prey isnt this America what happened to her justice does she still not know how to behave so was it all in vain" beings considered property, the legal lynching, and the chains

its been said that the wheels of justice grind slow blacks killed unjustifiably by police has yet to change so when you meet me be ye not moved no sympathy, empathy, or emotions of being appauled just remember and reside in a fact that if there is injustice for one is injustice for all

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My family
My community
My country
Our world


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