Hazel hair on a olive-skinned forehead

Tall frame and wide shoulders

Friendliness spread across his face

A book in the crook of his elbow


His coat, keeping out the cold

His mittens, hiding his trembling slim hands

Tips of his long nose and thin ears redden

He knocks on the huge castle door


“I’ve never known anyone to live here.”


The door swings open on its quiet hinges

The young boy enters with great care

Dust and dead leaves scurries away

He hears a noise above and squeaks,




His mouth puffs out a white cloud

Then the door sharply shuts behind him

Darkness engulfs for short seconds

Candles shower the room in light


Wide eyes follow the shadowy figure

It descends down the grand staircase

Peeling from the dark, it has a face.

The boy stumbles back and gasps


There is a story he was told many times

A story of the hidden beauty in a castle

He did not know it was true

Until his eyes lay upon her


Ringlets of gold on her petite head

Poised eyebrows, button nose

Brightest blue eyes, full pink lips

carved into perfection


Fair-skinned, fragile frame

Drape with a purple cape

A crimson rose gown

Flows down her thin shoulders


Shimmering with flawless beauty

With her graceful strides

But the air around her

Felt wrong and sad


“Don’t trust this form.”

Her nose wrinkles in disgust


Speechless by her looks and words,



She lifts her miserable tinged eyes,

“I’ve been cursed with this form.”


The young boy steps forward,

“Why would you despise this? You’re- “


She quickly retreats,

“This is not really me.

If I am loved,

For reasons beyond this beauty,


Then the curse is broken.


under this curse lays the real me,

A beast


Who could love a beast?”



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