The Curse of Snow

Once Upon a Time …


There was a mother to be who sat by a window staring at the sky.

A sorceress of nature, married to the King, holding wild rye.

Magic only accepted by man when beauty is there.

So, she whispers a wish for an enchanting baby to the air.

The words heard by her ancestors they cried into the night.

The safety of their magic line relies only on sight.

Their ghostly figures circle the Queen, their Daughter of the Earth.

Somberly they watched the Curse of the Hirth.

She gave birth to a fair skin daughter with ruby lips and hair the color of the crows.

But, with her beauty came a price that leads to woes.

Slowly, the Queen began to lose all her love and glow.

For her only child that she named Snow.

The spell destroyed all the goodness in her soul.

Changing her appearance to reflect her goal.

She became old and gray with withering bones.

So, the King tossed her out among the stones.

Glamouring allowed her to return in disguise.

As a step-mother who wanted to kill for the ultimate prize.

Through the battle for the title that would rule all the land.

A mother kills her daughter as she planned.

But, with the help of seven little men with powers of the old.

Restored her life saving her from the cold.

A battle ensues between the good and the evil.

But, Snow prevails killing the Queen like a Weevil.

Too all Snow White as pure and gentle as her name.

Emerged the heroine giving magic integrity and fame.

She marries a prince and to keep magic safe.

But, now she is stuck in one place.

She finds the book and learns of her family.

Grieving her mother, her tears fall clammily.

She follows the path of the women before her.

A child brewing inside her, a girl to be called Fleur.

Knowing to save her life she will sacrifice her heart love so hatred can grow.

The Curse of Hirth now the Curse of Snow.


The End.





How Snow White came to be. Not as happy as you think.

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