Current Year

Work 9-5 every day

But these Bills I cannot pay

I try to go to school

But my passion I have to overlook

Cause it costs $500 just for the fricken textbook

Our jobs are being moved

All under trade deals

Just so the 1% can make more on what they steal

So praise and hallelujah

Hallelujah for the money

Money that pays away my woes and my worries

I live from day to day

Cash from check to check

Can't actually save and hope no emergencies

Bring me out of my darkest hour

Bring me help for the sick

Because now love is the root of all evil

But I've heard all this before

From Reagan til Trump

Will anythijg change or will we be stuck here forever

We forget that we're the people, together we can change

Because in the end we all want the same things to relieve our pain

So in the current year, lets put aside our hate

And make this truely America the Great

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My country
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