Thu, 12/11/2014 - 11:21 -- Chayle

Let you go, I guess that would be the easiest solution
Let you stay in my brain, & I might drill a hole in it
Dig around for some common sense & force it to run
Then, that hol will stay there because no other piece will fit
I couldn't explain in any known language how I'm insane
How completely irrational and rediculous my thoughts are
What you made me feel that night was nothing short of rain
It doesn't happen often, & I've let another one go too far
Now you won't go away, but you made me realize the truth
Someone like me can't get far with this attitude
When will all these stupid emotions finally be gone
There are no comparisons for the boys I've chosen in my life
It's all a damn fantasy, and the worst part is I know that
The only things that keep me going are memories inside
They're gone, all the fearless motives I ever had
Be my friend, be everything that I only need
Don't smuggle me or make me feel like a little kid
Let me be your woman and make your knees weak
Most of all, treat me like your best friend, not one of Cupid


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