The Cup is Half Empty

The boy who was made of bones

The boy who never stopped sweltering

The boy who had no clothes

The boy who only scavenged

The boy who only knew sorrow

The boy who lost a family...


The person who only knew disgrace

The person who had to hide

The person who did not belong

The person who had been shamed

The person who lacked an identity

The person who had no gender...


The girl who lost her pride

The girl who had no body

The girl who loved no one

The girl who needed money

The girl who had a tainted past

The girl who only had a little sister...


The dad who was filled anger

The dad who only knew alcohol

The dad who broke his life

The dad who lost memories

The dad who forgot to cherish

The dad who a lost love...


The teen who only knew self-loath

The teen who felt like letting go

The teen who only heard degradation 

The teen who had no dreams

The teen who needed a release

The teen who never felt loved...


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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