Culinary Gratification


The natural foliage creeping down the counter,

Draping over the polished tanned walls.

Reflecting ergonomic finesse,

Cleanly tracing the muscular lining,

Of a fresh carcass.


Vaporous mixtures of basil, olive oil and asparagus,

Broccoli, carrots, pepper and salt.

Flowering out of this heartfelt dish.

Tracing out the walls, the cabinets and even myself.


As the light dissipates the smoke,

My hand touches nothing?


So gracefully seared of all sides,

As torrid sensations nibble my tongue,

Water my eyes and captivate my senses.


A tender good bye,

Spotless I preserve,

The margins of your décor,

I follow with your last few garnishes.

Some here and some there.

You are off to captivate someone else.


While you travel through the room…


Up and over white leather chairs,

Engraved black and white checkered tables,

Softly rugged tan stairs,

Well served clients,

Aromatic wines, and champagne.

Through broken sunlight,

And the light rustle of the trees.

Finally to arrive to a new destination.



Now bare and void,

You come back to me.

All I am left with,

Is the exact outline to replace you.

But as long as you bliss our patrons,

With your extemporaneous presence.


I am,

And always will be

Your gratified chef.





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