C.S. Lewis's Awakening


United States
48° 49' 22.7028" N, 97° 43' 32.4372" W

Rolling, forested terrain hides lights from d i s t a n t estates.
Vivid, powerful stars reign above.
A moonlit garden leads to a grove of trees, rustling with the night breeze. It seems to
continue on forever.................................................................... into eternity.
In a rod-iron chair, a faithful friend sits across from me with a hopeful, driven look
about him.

A full moon paints flowers and swaying trees with an enchanting, yet
very real touch.
Lights from inside the house illuminate Tolkien’s face.

A distant radio report within the house registers.
The murmur of foliage in the sanctuary of plants and thrashing, restless bodies of trees far
away add to the reluctance in my heart.
Tolkien’s words give a meaning and purpose to life.
At the FOREFRONT and CENTER of my consciousness are comforting, reassuring words of a Spirit I had not known before tonight.

Why could I not see this before?
How can this love be real?
What do I do now, God?

Certain, unshakable joy is taking the place of skeptical cynicism.
Shame continues to saturate my being from my supposed “wisdom.”
Purpose and vision for the future are taking hold.

I can see! I can see! I can see!


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