The Crystal Ship

Out on the barren sea
lies a lofty sullen mast
A chosen vessel caught in time
Drifting along the main frame of the island

Look a bit closer and you will see
a shining crystal on the port side
pirates, robbers & thieves
Made a haste decision in which to board

A cannon charge would turn them all away
quick conclusions often lead the best of us astray
The wisest move in life is but to wait
otherwise are galloping emotions run away like horses at the gate

Captain Jack was on board
to summon a faithful crew to lead
A romantic at heart was he
taking time to reflect a solemn need

The crew would often polish the crystal jewel
a chief aim to please
The ship traveling to ports unknown
a rainbow in the dark

On land a fare maiden would often tempt Jack
yet he was loyal to his waiting vessel
The crystal ship was sailing off into the night
watch on as the angelic dove fly

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