Cry for Help


You make me feel like theres no way out 

I am trapped and confused I thought you could've helped

Why should I confess my problems when you yourself have caused them

Whats the point of telling me its whats on the inside that counts when you look at me the next day and say put on something else

Where can I go to hide these situations because when I go to the doctor you say your messing up your education

Its like what the fuck I'm lost enough and then she comes out with its your own fault for not showing up

She laughs and says you think your going to college you can't even turn in your work too bad so sorry

Life would've been better if you would have approved my abscence I have a skin condition so look it up and accept it

I didn't choose this life for myself so find the inner christian in you and try and help

I've done my part and tried to explain too late shes already complaining

She doesn't understand why I'm not like my brother sorry I couldn't please you you could ask my mother

She calls my mother and says whats the meaning for her absence mother dearest says I can refer you to her dermatologist

Little miss teacher already has her panties in a twist too bad so sorry you couldn't fail me

Maybe you can learn from this I say so goodbye and have a nice day



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