Cry for Help

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 23:03 -- Luvjass


Help me, help me
I want my mommy
I want my daddy
Get off of me
It hurts, please stop
The cries of a little girl
Circulated the dark smelly air
Looking for those helping hands
The hands of her beloved parents
To be held in their arms
Kissed, caressed, and tucked into bed
Wishing it was a bad dream and home she goes
Only to find herself being abused and violated
At only nine years old, a little girl endures pain
Playing with toys and eating tons of sweets
Is what she will never be able to do again
Along with millions of other little children
Whose lost hope, family, and their dignity
Being taken advantage of by strangers
Strangers who see them as profits
Not as innocent children with a future ahead
But another way to cause shame upon a country
Parents who may never see their hearts again
Are terrified, broken, and feel worthless
Constantly blaming each other 
Wondering why such a horrible tragedy
Came along and swept their precious angels
A million voices and eyes are just sitting around
Ignoring the brutality and abandonment 
Darkness began to unfold in a child's eye
At only nine years old, a scared little girl
Will never live to see another day


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