A Cry that Goes Unheard

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 12:01 -- Bking13


United States
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What can be expected of a broken man?
Whose own heart refuses to barely hum than beat?
No amount of physical pain,
can sum the weight of despair his gaze carries.
His once empty heart has become a cage.
A cage he walks alone,
Blindly demanding answers for his pain,
Slowly he begins losing hope of ever being found.
Soon season stops changing
leaving nothing but a tundra of broken dreams.

Finally he breaks down, and screams a scream so painful
the wind stops, and the water stills
Life pauses and listens long enough
For his voice to be heard until…I was in front of your cage,
Looking in on your despair and sorrow, and
I began to understand your pain.
My heart yearned to give you the hand
to pull you out of the pain.
But the fear of getting hurt is too great and he slaps it away,
And I cry.

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