I like you a lot

From across the room

Only see you during lunch

And sometimes break too


I hide my emotions

Behind my smile

Hoping that you don't make the same mistakes like me


I want to talk to you

But I don't know how

If the only way to let myself pour out

Is the most challenging way to speak


I see you talking with others

I look at your smile

My heart flutters

Whenever I see you

Hoping that you may feel the way too


But sadly

My logic is right

Once more

You talked bad about me

When you did not know a thing about me


I was just 'that one giant creepy freshman stalker.'

And I walked away


It just hurt

The one I liked did not like me back

I started to miss sleep

To let go of many things I enjoy

My books no longer interested me


I had to move on

Looking for another person to like

But sadly

My heart never learned

But still keeps fluttering

For you

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