Crumbling self-motivation

I am a lone wolf when it comes to decisions but there is time for a pack

With the filter what you see is the ruler of discomfort

The queen of the damned, a social bone crusher

When I hide behind my shell I like to belittle others

With no filter I'm verifying the innocence inside of me

The crumbling self-motivation twisted like a withered branch

I step forward without second glances

Stretching my hand towards the fire while the melancholy dances

Then I'll give up the opportunity of real chances

When I select my filter in the morning it insinuates my mood

I want the people on the outside to caress it, despite of my hidden gloom

When I was little I was the social outcast

Wandering in my self-loath and building my protective barrier

With the filter I'm a dog but on the inside I am a terrier

A small dog barking at the wall of disadvantages

However the crumbling self-motivation is the cause of my ambition

The filter willingly stripping away my goal to strive is not my criteria 

The fall is my favorite season but I want to bloom like the spring

My filter, the crumbling self-motivation, it is not the real thing

I am a strong warrior, I am setting my camera down, without the filter, this is life...this is me!





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