Cruelty is a word we don't always use

It's considered improper and rude

So they censor the words 

And the people who spoke

Letting them choke by their tormentors

They seem happy and joyful

When really all they feel is pain 

Cruelty is more than what you think

It is how humanity turns away

It's how it decides to not say 

Cruelty comes in many ways 

In different shapes and forms

Take these stories and think them through 

And let humanity come back anew 

The stories are endless and unspoken

It's the girl who comes to school with bruises 

Her parents abuse her but doesn't say

She thinks they know best so she keeps quiet

It's the boy who is always so tired

He works more than one job

But his family doesn't help at all

It's the latina in your class who's always afraid and scared

She waits for the day her dad will be taken away from her

It's the boy who stays silent 

He doesn't want to get hurt by the others again

It's the mother who comes to her children's needs 

But never gats a thank you

It's the girl who always covers up

Her boyfriend has taken advantage of her too many times

It's the girl who smiles and acts normal 

Her body is weakining and her mind is destroyed

It's only a matter of time until she gives up forever

Every story is different in their own way 

Our lives are constructed differently 

But our experiences are ours

Cruelty does not come in a simple answer 

It cannot be explain in a definition

It includes our stories, experiences and lives 

Not everyone goes through it

But those who have earned respect 

Maybe the person you sit next to has gone through it 

Cruelty is a word to describe something inhuman

But aren't we humans

Why don't we help and act better

Are we not humans to feel

Then why do we act like animals

Why can't we feel sympathy?

We say we go by facts rather than emotion

But can't we feel for once

Look inside ourselves and find value

Become human again like we were once 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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