Cruel Lies


I'm smiling and laughing to hide the ways I feel, 
Waiting and hoping that my heart will soon heal. 
Sitting in the dark, alone and crying, 
Wondering why my soul isn't dying. 

You said we were meant to be, 
That together we'd be free, 
But you were never here to stay, 
You just used me and threw me away. 

I'm sitting here, waiting for you to come, 
But you tore out my heart and made me numb. 
You had to be cold, and left me for death, 
So here I am singing with my last breath. 

You twisted me with your cruel lies, 
Just to gain your own small prize. 
You wasted my time in such strife, 
So with my dying words I'll waste your life. 

Used to fulfill your selfish needs, 
And all too easily set free, 
With solitude, I now know, 
That all of it was just for show. 

I used to think what you said was real, 
But now I see to how you really feel, 
You played your games and had your fun, 
Then pushed me aside when you were done. 

Over time you gained my trust, 
Making me feal love and lust. 
You lured me in with your charm,
Silently doing me harm,
And I let you into my dying heart 
But in the end you just tore it apart.


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