Cruel Intentions


Tonight I'm on the edge again
I feel you in my bones
and I want you here with me
but you seem to be so far away

There's a million things I would say
but there is just one person I would be
I can weave in and out of the cones
but I cant fool you again

There is only one time you can begin 
I can almost imagine your moans
I think I fucked up my time to see
sometimes its good to never get your way

But being in love cant stay at bay
I cant keep my mind from your glee
It may always appear that my heart is a load
maybe loving you is just a sin

I miss you and I want to win
but i can not crack your code
I want to do anything but plea 
I feel this is my hearts last say

and my fucked up mind may be gay
In this you may not agree
my heart my love can't take this load
but for you i will wait and see I remain



I love this so much. I related to this so strongly. :)

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