Cruel and Unusual

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 23:03 -- Krusso


These greatest years of our life and what do we take with us?

   I know not how to balance a check book

   or what redeeming qualities I should look for in a husband,

   even how to so eloquently speak my opinions so that people may listen- -

And how cruel and unusual it is, that we are to sit here for hours running on little sleep..with no question as to why her eyes are bloodshot and sunken from a night of crying.

no question to the cuts and bruises that cover his sullen face

no question to the long sleeves that cover her arms each smoldering summer day

no question to why he uncontrollably lashes out in anger.


And here I sit wondering why my dad ever so easily choose drugs and alcohol over a me every day, but how inapropriate for me to say so in a classroom. How dare I disrupt this learning environment.

Depriving us of the knowledge our young minds thirst for..they toss us into reality only to be slapped by everything we never knew. 


How cruel and unusal this all seems to me             

             sitting in this classroom. 




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