I too can be cruel

I can tear you apart with my truth

I could call you names
I could tell you that you are nobody’s first choice
That you will be left behind
I could tell you that your value comes from your body
That your body exists to be fucked by men who are not your husband
That every squat every mile every augmentation every injection 
       was for them
              not for you
I could hurt you the way you hurt me
I could hold your life in my hands
I could hurt you the way you hurt him
I could tear you apart day after day
I could tell you that you're
       Worthless and
              Weak and 
I could pick at your scabs
I could hit you where I know it hurts
But I won’t
Maybe it’s because I don’t want to turn into the monster that you are
Or maybe it’s because I couldn’t say anything to you that you don’t already know


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