Crown of Chaos - Crown Jewel

This poem, and all others with "Crown of Chaos" in the title, are part of a heroic crown of sonnets. A heroic crown is a collection of 14 sonnets, whose first lines all form a 15th sonnet, which is the sonnet below. In addition, the last line of each sonnet is the first line of the next, and the last line of the last sonnet is the first line of the first, making it circular.  

 A crown of sonnets: quite a daunting feat

Perhaps I should give something else a try

But I can't let this crown go incomplete

I do not want to be that kind of guy


Unless that guy is Batman; that'd be sweet

From my own pit I shall attempt to rise.

I shall become a scholarly elite.

And if you disagree, then damn your eyes.


I'm really, really, very super tired.

These sonnets must continue, nonetheless.

Until I make the effort that's required

At my potential I can only guess


I hope to end these sonnets with a smile

If I must leave, I'd like to leave in style.




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