Crown of Chaos 2 - Why I fight

(This poem is part of a heroic crown of sonnets. For more information, see "Crown of Chaos, Crown Jewel") 


Perhaps I should give something else a try.

If I gave up, no one would ever know.

Alas! I cannot trust this easy lie.

The reason for these sonnets is to show


That I can change, that I can choose to work.

I do not mean to prove myself to peers,

It is in my own mind that judgments lurk.

I write this so that I might face my fears.


But you, the reader, do not care about

the reason that I wrote this sonnet crown.

And I did say that I would write without

me saying things that might cause you to frown.


I know this project may not end up neat

But I can't let this crown go incomplete.



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