crowd goes wild!!!!

pop pop and the crowd goes wild

never thought my hopes and dreams would ever let me down

even though i stood an attic i was dramatic with the time i had

past by with me was a silent past took thru and long yet dark road

but i go hoping that it brings statics even though it was dramatic i had

a blessed child hood, and even though i was high up on violence my parents brought me out


but i'm begging jesus take me now

pop pow and the crowd goes wild

do you hear that the silents thru vocal chords

im trying to express the words but i'm struggling

let this be a lesson that i was born with a life but i raised with a tough childhood

and although my friends never understood

i take it all back if i could

pop pow and the crowd goes wild


don't try to be me change what you created don't second guess it

make this your history from harriet tubment, and martin luther king

you change the future you make better for this community

don't worry about the black on black volience

you'll hide it don't get excited

bring our people together

create this world for the better

i hope from the grace of god you hear this message

pop pow and the crowd goes wild!!!!!

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