Crouch, touch, pause, engage

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 23:33 -- Qball


United States
47° 13' 8.4504" N, 123° 9' 16.7724" W

I play the game of pain
of bruises and wounds
Anger will be released
Tears will be shed
You’ll be left with battle scars
Little symbols to show you’re hearts in the game
I am a female player and I have no shame
I train hard to be what I am
Rain or shine
Rocks or dirt
Im there
My team is my family
My everything
Mouthgaurds in
Boots on
Kick offs in ten
Ball bounces swiftly off the ground
Is kicked high is the air
Everyone Charges
No sense of despair
I play the gain of pain
I play rugby


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