Have you ever felt so lost

In life, in love, in the world

Felt like there was no one there

No one to turn to

Theres billions on billions of people here

You have so many followers on twitter and instagram

So many friends on facebook

So many names in your contact

Yet you still can't find not even one person to talk to

And you just sit there thinking to yourself ....what now?

Have you ever felt as if there was no point of going on

You feel like you took your final footsteps

And the worst part is I know Ive Been Wrong For So Long

I Fell And I Didnt Get Back Up

 So I Crawled

I Crawled In My Misery And Shame Because It Made Me Feel Comfortable

And no I am not crazy but I am  honest 

Its like your stuck in this ditch

Flooded with your sorrows your pain

Depression, anger, must I go on?

I was in a constant fight with myself

I knew what was right for me but what ever was wrong seemed better to my diserning eye

They call this ditch rock bottom

Where people receive their break throughs

Their wake up calls

But all you just want to do is sleep and block out the world

Yet Insonmia was calling my name

I wasnt at peace with my life


When I was in this ditch

Rock bottom

I met this guy

He always comes at the randomest moments

When I would least expect him to come

I spoke to him while I was deep in my wrongs

Make Me New

My Temple is broken down

Make me into A New Creature That Will Follow Your Steps

And Obey your Commands

Make Me In Your Image

Im Here By Grace

Through Christ

By Faith

I didnt know what I was more mad at him seeing me at my worst or finding myself back where I didnt belong

Yet...he forgave me

And he forgives you too

And you are not alone

Because even on the darkest nights the sun will always shine in the morning



I love the way the sun rises in the morning

It reminds me that I have another chance at fullfilling my duty

It's a blessing in its self that we woke up this morning

It means we all single handedly have a purpose

We have a task to be completed

We have a testimony to be testified

I know that one day I will be where I want to be

Before I get there

I will have obstacles in my way and sometimes my obstacles will pile and when that happens

I will climb and even when it seems far to hard and far too high

I will continue to climb-

Because it will take way too much energy to get back down

And when I get to the top

I will know I did everything with power invested in me 

I know I'm not Perfect

But I will try

I will wear my imperfections

Like a beautiful daffodil accessorized in my hair

I dont know where this Odyssey will take me

But I'm ready to inherit the wisdom growth and success that will come along


Colossians 3:23-25



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