The lines and guns are drawn

A family battered and abused,

You all have a lot to loose.

You point your gun at each other,

But what you forget is ME,

Stuck inbetween 


I am caught in your crossfire.

Forced to be an adult even in my youth,

Now I have to choose.

But, either way I am going to loose.

I have heard your angery words and hate

Suspicions and lies

Your ties and sides change so fast I can't keep up.

I am down on my knees begging for a way out

WIll you still pull the trigger with me caught in your crossfire?


But, now I am an adult,

One you've made,

If that was your intension I will never know.

But I have chosen my own path and I am not looking back

I am up off my knees

you may end your war, 

But you still loose something you all held dear,


Because I am out of your crossfire!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

difficult way to live i can imagine

you survived it-thank you for sharing

it took heart and courage to express it

build off this idea and continue to write

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