A Critical Analysis of Black Clothes (In Progress)

Expressing that which you feel inside, on the outside.

An exposition of angst against society.

A warning to all who might approach.

This look may not always scream "look at me",

Quite the contrary


Wanting to feel different when you know we're all the same

Playing at our lives, as if it's all some kind of game

Trying to be distinct, when you know you're just a carbon copy

A conformist's attempt at nonconformity, 

Yet, lacking originality.


A scare them before they scare you tactic;

An exposition of the darkness that hides inside 

The crevices of the mind, of the soul

A look that some might put on just for show


An expression of the lonesome feeling that one feels inside

What you wear when you don't want to hide

The pain of your heart:

Which you wish to express, but don't know where to start


A way of connecting with the darkness

that lurks within: the original sin

An unanswerable question

with many places to begin

This poem is about: 
My community


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