Sat, 11/23/2019 - 16:08 -- Fangstu

Sometimes I wonder why I even mention. 

Every time you seem to misinterpret my intention. 

A single thought gets chastised like the worlds worst invention. 

I don't plot this shit just to piss you off so why the constant tension? 


Always critical, always here, always a problem, always fear. 

The best deal is to keep my lips sealed cuz the less you know the better I feel. 

The less I share the less I have to hear. 


Critical words from a maniacal bird. 

I can't do shit without being called absurd. 


 It must be tiring to be you. 

Always looking to tell someone what to do. 

You would think someone with that much insight would see that they're fucked up too. 


Some words to live by:

If you cant handle the truth then don't ask why because constant reactions like yours will just cause people to lie. 


Ignorance is bliss 

and you are now on a need to know basis

So you can thank me for filtering that and this

And hiding the days problems behind a hello kiss. 


And just know I still walk with you. Maybe heavy hearted at times but not without love and respect for the one who has the audacity to constantly test my tenacity. I knew we were right together. We had to be. 


I walk next to you into our future

I walk behind you when you need support

I walk in front of you when you need strength

I can not walk blind through life alone.  I have you to help me see and I do appreciate your messages but not always the tone.  Here is something worth mentioning and I think you need to hear it too. 

I just want to tell you how much I love you. 



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