Cristal 1.6 mm



I wrote an amalgamated five page letter

to someone I was once close to giving my whole heart to

confiding in him about everything difficult

all occurrences of the last few months

but the last time I did that sort of thing

I burned a bridge I wanted nothing more than to repair

and so I shall not send this letter

though I penned it in pretty pink ink

on lovely skeletal stationary

and dotted it with childhood heart stickers

lest it seem so sad

I cannot afford losing anyone

but I'm pushing people away without actively intending to

but I'm sure there's some sort of poisonous aftertaste

which migrated to my heart, heaving

"If no one is beside you there'll be no one to break me again" 



If noone is beside you, where is yourself?

Take her down, dust her off, from that high-up shelf! 


She is your strength and your heart and your mind 

only to you, yourself can you bind. 


Send the letter, She helped you to write. 

Let love in and out like breathing a sprite. 


It hurts so bad sometimes, but you will not break. 

That last inch, let noone else take. 

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