Crises Upon Crises

Crises upon crises

Mothers and children are swooning

Crises upon crises

Misery upon misery

My friends, there’s no peace here

Mothers are in crisis; we’re all suffering

Too much chaos, too much havoc

Suffering upon suffering

Too many crimes to solve and to crack

Poets, writers, artists and journalists, grab pens

Paintbrushes, pencils and microphones. This makes sense

This ain’t a movie. Serious stuff is occurring not by chance

This is an early Universal Spring

Everyone must grab something

To defend the homeland

To defend the country

To protect the ancestry

To protect people and land

Crises upon crises

The country is not a showbiz

We must respect our brothers

And our sisters who’re going crazy hungry

In a country where the house rats are selling

And backstabbing other house rats. This is a bad thing

Our ancestors are unhappy where they’re resting

No, they are not dead, but their bones

Hear us. And they are hurt by the ugly tones

In existence. Our people are fed up and tired

Of too many weapons in the streets. We’re afraid

Of being kidnapped because of insecurity

That’s spewing death in the country. We are tired

Of seeing so much corruption and so many rotten politicians

Criminal cops, unpatriotic citizens and murderers

Yes, there are too many hypocrites and fake neighbors

We are tired of so many old funky magicians

That are mocking us and talking junk and trash

Too many kidnappers, too many crimes and old idiots

Sowing death, hate and terror in our nation

We are freaking tired of so much corruption

And prostitution. It seems there is no hope

Oh! Brothers, we feel all crucified and tightly roped

Nobody is at peace. Yes, we’re complaining

We’re tired of the bloodsuckers that have nothing

Good in their heads, yet they’re in charge, in power

Everything is up to us. We must clench our fists and raise our voices

Against all the criminals. Yes, we have choices

We must stand up against hatred, schism, violence and terror

We must fight, we must vote for those who love our country

And our people.  We must practice togetherness and unity

United, we’re strong

Divided, we’re wrong

Let’s all shout and repeat this slogan again

And again like a beautiful refrain.


Copyright © March 2021, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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