The Crippling Fate of Reality

The crippling fate of reality has made me use a mask as my barrier
To cover my face when being yourself is a disgrace
If your persona doesn't fit neatly with the status quo
To be told who you are by people you don't even know
To assimilate into popular culture
Or be shun into the absis with the misfits
Again with the labels
Without society's categories you feel disabled
Now I'm having a debate of who I am with myself
Unconsciously brain washed to assimilate
But the back of my conscious keeps saying think now before it's too late
Remove the mask for who you are
There is no box that could capture
Embrace your divinity
The universe is your playing ground
You should think infinity
Do not be bound by the petty
Ambitions of superiority on earth
Unleash your power and stop being restricted by the limitations of superficial minds
When life and death is only the beginning
Since the continuum of time.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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