Crippled America

Crippled America watch as them people stare at you

If you republican lower class ain't feeling you

Donald Trump bringing Hitler back like a new fad

On TV like American Dad socialistic hashtag

In this election republican means racist

So if ya front lawn says Trump16 I'm thinking base hit swing

And that basic brain can't trap this man

But I still accept you even under that neo-nazi rule

Cause as an independent that's how I do

Respect anybody cause we are the human race

I don't understand why we have racist, races, and classes

Unity come together like a special crafted puzzle

Anybody starting trouble use a muzzle

Abraham Lincoln was a republican too

That man freed the slaves is that important to you

History states it's not something he wanted to do

But to get shit done sometimes you gotta bend the truth

Peace don't lie
Tears fall cry
We will never make it if we don't open our minds Crippled America


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