Crimson Lies

"No matter what.""Through thick and thin.""Forever and always.""Till death do us part.""I love you..."Words that once had so much meaning,now sickening. Voices and memories screaming at me as I drown myself in wine and vodka to drive them out of my mind.  I feel the burning of the words as I drink them down. I drink and drink until they can no longer speak. I throw it all up. I break the bottles and smash the mirrors. The voices continue. I scream as blood drips from my hands, staining the ground and then I begin to understand.  The shards of glass look so beautiful just scattered on the ground splattered with crimson, might as well take a shard and finish. I dig deep into my arm and slide it down. I'm bleeding...Bleeding and drinking and thinking and fighting.  Fighting away the thoughts that consume and burn me. You said you love me but you never did. I pictured my future with you, dreams of having a house and even a kid. But you lied! You lied to me! Left me to die! What good are those words if you're not here to save me?  And when I'm laying there in the hospital bed with fresh scars and bleeding hands, all I'll say is "because I loved a selfish man." 


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