Crimson Gold

A glostly shade haunts my dreams

Trails of crimson gold at my feet

I wonder and wonder for hours at end

Looking for an explanation,

Looking for it.


I'm never quite satisfied,

I'm always left with doubt.

When I believe I've caught it,

It slips through my thoughts.


My sanity is limited,

My arms have grown sore.

My eyes are dry,

and my skin is cracked,

but my voice is no more. 



I don't understand why-

Though I know it perfectly well,

Why I bother with such nonsense 

When I'm left unfulfilled


Bittersweet this feeling is, at day's end.

Bittersweet with a touch of honey,

and perhaps a hint of salt.

I'll never make myself understand

my heart, nor my soul.

My destiny is to chase the ghostly shadow

that paves the road with crimson gold.

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